Symptoms of ingrowing toenails

The skin around your toenail will become red and inflamed and walking may become painful. In severe cases the toe may swell and there will be a discharge of pus. Call us if you have these symptoms.

Toenail infections

Bacterial infection is a common side-effect of an ingrowing toenail. It can cause green or yellow pus to seep from the side of the nail, or to collect under the skin. In these instances the complaint needs to be addressed immediately and this can be treated in this clinic using local anaesthetic if necessary. Permanent removal of the full or partial nail plate is also available if the patient so wishes.

Ingrown toenail causes

There are simple steps to minimise the risk of having an ingrowing toenail. Don't wear shoes that are too tight, and clean and air your feet regularly. Cutting your toenails in a round pattern can also be a contributing factor. Cut them straight across.